About Curt

Born and raised in the Cincinnati area, CURT HARTMAN is the only candidate for state representative with a well-established track record of defending and fighting for individual freedom and liberty.  And these foundational principles – individual freedom and liberty – will be his polestar in the Ohio General Assembly.

President H.W. Bush presenting Curt Hartman with his diploma upon graduation from the U.S. Naval Academy.

After graduating 30th in his class at the United States Naval Academy, CURT HARTMAN served on the front lines of the Cold War guarding and defending our individual freedom liberty as a nuclear-trained officer on board a fast-attack submarine.  Also at this time, Curt obtained a master’s degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University.

Following his active-duty service in the military, CURT HARTMAN attended and graduated from Vanderbilt Law School.   After working as a law clerk for Judge Rhesa H. Barksdale of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, Curt returned home to Cincinnati to start his legal career.

During his 27-year legal career, CURT HARTMAN repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to defending and fighting for individual freedom and liberty, and against an ever-encroaching government intrusion into our personal lives.  Becoming one of the leading public interest litigators in the State of Ohio, Curt has served clients to advance governmental transparency and openness, and, in so doing, to further advance the cause of individual freedom and liberty.

During his prior service as a common pleas court judge in Hamilton County, CURT HARTMAN quickly earned the reputation of being

Curt Hartman served on the bench as a Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge.

an excellent jurist, seeking to ensure and advance justice for all in our legal standard.  In this capacity, Curt served as a guardian and protector of individual freedom and liberty in the courtroom on a daily basis.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Curt Hartman has repeatedly been called upon to challenge the effort by government officials to further restrict individual freedom and liberty.  For example, in an effort garnering national attention, Curt represented gyms owners across the State of Ohio who successfully challenged the legal authority for the arbitrary decrees of Amy Acton, the director of the Ohio Department of Health, that forced these small businesses to close because the government decreed them to be “non-essential”.

Through his legal career, CURT HARTMAN has fought for individual freedom and liberty at all levels of judicial system, including over 60 cases before the Ohio Supreme Court and three cases before the United States Supreme Court.  Now, Curt seeks to take his passion for defending and fighting for individual freedom and liberty to the Ohio General Assembly, to not only guard against legislative efforts to further restrict our individual freedom and liberty, but also to pursue efforts that constrain unelected government bureaucrats and their constant effort to obtain more power over our daily lives.

As a nation and a state, we are at a critical crossroad of whether the founding principles of this country will be preserved against an ever-encroaching government and public officials who seek more power for themselves.  We need to elect people to our government that have demonstrated an understanding and appreciation that the core principle which has made this country the land of opportunity is an undying commitment to individual freedom and liberty.

CURT HARTMAN IS THE ONLY CANDIDATE FOR STATE REPRESENTATIVE WITH A WELL-ESTABLISHED TRACK RECORD OF DEFENDING AND FIGHTING FOR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM AND LIBERTY.   Join our effort to elect CURT HARTMAN as state representative in order to further advance the cause of individual freedom and liberty.